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Abortion Education Strategy 2018

In countries such as Ireland, with a heavy secular influence, we must attempt to sift through the few remaining shards of moral consensus. Ireland has been shaken to its cultural foundations by the clergy child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. According to a commentary piece published this year in the Wall Street Journal by John Aidan Byrne on December 18th, “The declining influence of the Catholic Church, which once dominated public and private life, has dovetailed with Ireland’s newfound prosperity stemming from the Celtic Tiger economy of the 1990s and 2000s. Together these forces unleashed a desire among Irish elites to shed the country’s international image as a God-bothered backwater.” Culturally and spiritually Ireland is not what it once was. Awash in moral relativism, where increasingly almost anything is morally permissible, child abuse is one of the last taboo’s. Secularists have successfully used the child abuse cover up scandal to discredit the Catholic Church. We must use a child abuse argument to discredit abortion and expose those who cover it up.

It is not enough to persuade most secularists that abortion is homicide. They may agree but still see it as justifiable homicide (an unplanned pregnancy threatens

the women’s livelihood and way of life). We must convince them that abortion is homicide which cannot be justified. Our imagery of aborted babies, which directly show the humanity of the preborn and directly show the inhumanity of abortion, will be enough to reach viewers who have a functioning conscience but for those with a confused sense of right and wrong, more is required. That is why we intend to harness the power of shame by proving the truth that abortion is child abuse which is just as shameful and tragic as any clergy child abuse scandal.

We will use sectarian arguments and signage for Ireland’s religious demographic and secular messaging for the irreligious. We are not willing to abandon the secular audience. If we don’t believe that abortion is child abuse, we are not truly pro-life. If we do believe abortion is child abuse, we must be willing to call it by its proper name. It must be heavily stigmatised to make it truly anathema. It is not merely homicide (and certainly not “justifiable homicide”). It is child abuse (for secularists). It is genocide (for secularists). It is child sacrifice (for Christians). We must expose it as such and make Ireland’s next child abuse scandal harder to cover up.

ICBR condemns ALL abortion related violence and refuses to work with or be associated with anyone who fails to condemn such violence.

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