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This by far has to be one of the most common concerns we hear about the use of graphic visual aids. In fact some people have called us hypocrites because we want to protect unborn children from abortion yet we risk exposing born children to seeing what abortion looks like.

It is certainly not our aim to upset born children. We don’t deliberately take these images where there will a high number of very young children but it is worth considering the following points:

  • Every time we hold a public education project using banners or film, someone changes their mind about what abortion is and does. We know that revealing the reality of abortion SAVES BABIES LIVES. That is why we endure the insults.
  • While we are genuinely concerned about the feelings of born children we are far more concerned about the lives of unborn children. If your child was about to run into the path of a moving vehicle no doubt you would scream at them to stop, without first worrying that you might upset them by shouting at them. Ultimately we believe that life is significantly more important than feelings. You can recover from hurt feelings but you can't recover from being dead.
  • More often than not it is the reaction of the parent or adult that will determine the reaction of the child that accompanies them. Parents have approached our displays and calmly explained in a relevant way what the pictures depict and the children have not been upset.
  • One of the factors involved in the parents unhelpful reaction is their level of guilt in relation to either their involvement directly or indirectly in abortion or their past apathy towards it. Now they have to explain to their child why they have done little or nothing to stop these babies being tortured to death.
  • Children are already exposed to all kinds of horrific imagery on television, computer games, magazines, newspapers and so on. Yet when the issue is regarding abortion suddenly the rules change. We do not accept this double standard.
  • There is an aggressive campaign of government pressure groups to push access to abortion in schools. Already your 12 year old daughter could get an abortion and you will know nothing about it. No consent, no letters, no permission slips. We think if your daughter is old enough to have an abortion she is old enough to see what abortion will do to your grandchild.

ICBR condemns ALL abortion related violence and refuses to work with or be associated with anyone who fails to condemn such violence.

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